Berlin Olympic Stadium – Wide World First Full Color Flood Light System

newsIn 2019, after a series of technical and solution comparison, LANZ Manufaktur Germany GmbH was awarded the contract from Olympiastadion Berlin GmbH for the complete Berlin Olympic Stadium’s lighting system retrofit including the Main Field, Auditorium, Membrane, Public Area, VIP Room and Façade. The most exciting part of this project was a full color lighting system will be implemented all around the Stadium from the main field up to the each corner. In the same time, the achievement of lighting effect and efficiency was outstanding.

Original the project was planned to complete on May 2020, due to the attack of COVID 19, it was extended to mid of June and finally official press on 25-June in Berlin and presented a unforgettable lighting show to all the participants. From the time on, a new era and new standard of Stadium Lighting comes up.

The following outstanding achievement is well recognized by both Olympiastadion Berlin GmbH and German Football Association (DFL)
1.Over Fulfill the Lighting Requirement from UEFA and DFL
2.All in one design to minimize the loading to the structure.
3.Every Year around 142 tons Co2 can be saved.
4.Through the full color solution, the organizers can use the lighting system to stage their events determinedly with colorful lighting effects. Bring the mood of participants to an unforgettable experience.

In the same year, we obtained the Honorable Mention of 2020 LIGHTING DESIGN AWARDS.

Products: full color floodlights, linear lights.

LIT Design Awards Welcomes Lighting Submissions from Around the World
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Post time: Jan-20-2022