Why Choose Us


LANZ has a wide range of lighting products: from spot lights, panels, strips and wall lights, over floor, cluster and line lights to different high-power flood lights for stadiums and soccer fields.

The floodlights from LANZ can be described as follows: Compact aluminium floodlight heads, with high quality glass, the most efficient LED chip technology available, the most efficient power supply and the high-end reflector technology. LANZ has already been employing this floodlight technology for years in military airfield applications, high-roofed halls and for illuminating tall buildings. The company just need to develop an intelligent mechanism to achieve optimum positioning for each floodlight. This is how the floodlight with “Multi Direction” heads came into being. The specialists for lighting have already successfully completed several projects for sports venues using this floodlight – as the only manufacturer to date whose product requires 70 % less energy for the same illuminance level, and better uniformity compared to HMI or other LED solutions – and this without the option of a dimming function

In large stadiums the situation is similar, of course with a considerably higher value of 2,200 - 2,400 lux on the playing field. The technology and logical approach are the same. What LANZ achieves at sports venues with 16 individual 4-head floodlights (320W), can be achieved with individual 8-head floodlights (640W) in large stadiums, whose number is generally equivalent to that in installed HMI solutions (2000 W + 140 W electronic ballast). This means that energy savings of 70 % and more can be made – and this also without the extra option of a dimming function.

The RALEDFLOODs are mainly used as one to one replacement for traditional 1.000W - 4.000W flood lights. The RALEDFLOOD RAHSB-120-8 is a high-power floodlight for stadiums, arenas or industrial applications

The high-performance flood lights are the perfect solution for 1st grade large stadium with full colour illumination tasks and large area industrial applications like crane flood lights and goods handling arrays. With very narrow beam angles it provides also the perfect solution for high rise facade illumination up to 400 m height. And all this comes with power savings of more than 80 %.

Unique Features

✔ Multi head design ✔ High performance ✔ Changeable beam angles ✔ Full colour ✔ Highly efficient

All sports activities become more enthusiastic with full colour light effects. Now with the full colour high performance flood lights this becomes an easy task. Up to 70% less power consumption and full integration of full colour light effects.

Imagine you can include the whole stadium light into your concert light show. This would be an incredible new experience for the actors and audience. Simple integration with high speed DMX light control system.

For indoorsports dazzle free cluster downlights are providing a very comfortable light scene. Control your light according to your event. High speed dimming, full colour effects at all this at up to 80% less energy consumption.

3D-CAD Planning

Detailed 3D-CAD planning and animation will be the base for a perfect illumination. With LANZ’ state of the art simulation tools customers can see what they get in the first place. The simulation applies for the main area, supporting area and the whole outdoor surrounding. Calculating each single light source regarding power, beam angle and direction makes your light solution perfect in uniformity and power consumption. Adjustable multi head fixtures are the perfect solution for full colour effects in every corner of the sports centre. Due to the high advanced reflector system the dazzle effect is reduced to a minimum.